Baktas BTL’ is organized by the BTL Farmers’ Association, and the Kahugpungan sa mga Mag-uuma sa Bukidnon (KASAMA-Bukidnon). KMP is spearheading the national campaign in behalf of KASAMA, which is its local chapter in Bukidnon.


BTL farmers to march to Mendiola today

795 million people in the world—or 1 out of 9 people—do not have access to food. Genuine land reform is the key to food security. Seven out of ten farmers in the Philippines do not have their own land to till. Food source, therefore is either inaccessible due to the farmer’s poverty—or since they have no land, non-existent. Land use conversion or the conversion of agricultural land for commercial or urban use ejects farmers out of their lands.

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‘Support the farmers’ struggle for their right to till the lands! Fight for Land and Life!’—Alliance of Concerned Teachers

ACT (Alliance of Concerned Teachers) expresses solidarity with the BTL farmers and are calling among teachers, education workers and students to support their demand for their right to till the lands. We also condemn CMU’s continuous oppressive acts by hiring armed security guards from Chevron Security Agency,” Mr. Benjamin Valbuena, Chair of Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) said.

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After 3-decade fight, farmers bring issue to Manila

Farmers from groups Bukidnon Free Farmers Association and Laborers Organization (BUFFALO), Tried Agricultural Movers Association of Rural Active Workers (TAMARAW), and the Landless Tillers Inhabitants of Musuan (LIMUS)—collectively known as BTL—will bring to the national capital their decade-long struggle for land and life.

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Remembering Anita

Anita was part of all these struggles and victory. According to her friends and family, Anita was an inspiration to them all. She dedicated her life to serve the people. Until her last breath, she intended to be one with the other sectors and organizations working for social justice in the Philippines.
Her passing was unexpected, but the seeds she helped plant will continue to flourish.

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